Piano Lessons

May Music Enrich Your Life in Every Way Possible

What are piano lessons like at Patrick Marchant's Music Studio?

Patrick believes that every student learns differently, and therefore approaches each lesson with the student on their level and their way of learning. Because of this, you won't find just one lesson method in our studio, instead you will find students using the method that best suits them. Some methods used include: Alfred's Premier Piano Course, Alfred's Basic Piano Library, Faber's Piano Adventures, Alfred's Music for Little Mozarts, and Helen Marlais' Succeeding at the Piano.

Whether students are sitting on the piano bench, playing music games on the floor, or exploring the world of music through flashcard games or musical adventures on an iPad, Patrick creates a personalized experience for each student. From the youngest students coloring music pages with crayons to the advanced students preparing Debussy works for Solo & Ensemble each student is guaranteed to have a unique experience.

Patrick also teaches and reinforces strong note reading abilities so that each student may someday grow to play music on their own outside of lessons. In their lessons, students will use various written assignments along with their playing assignments to reinforce note reading. These assignments include theory books, notespellers, and making flashcards so that learning may be hands on and multi-faceted.

As students grow they will be prepared and encouraged to participate in both competitive and non-competitive piano competitions. These are available both through state Solo & Ensemble festivals and the Federation Festivals hosted by the area Piano Teacher's Forum.