Studio Policies & Fees

May Music Enrich Your Life in Every Way Possible


Music is an artistic outlet that allows one to express their deepest desires in a unique way connecting the soul with the body and creating a musical illustration of themselves. Through studying piano or voice one will learn to connect themselves to the music so that notes are not simply being played on the keys or through their vocal folds, but are, rather, an extension of their mind & heart. Music enriches the lives of those who allow it to, giving the world an intimate view of their soul.


I. Lesson Information

Lesson Location

Lessons are taught at Patrick’s Home Studio in Waterloo, IA. Private piano students will have the opportunity to learn and play on a Steinway Model B Semi-Concert Grand Piano. Families are welcome to drop their child off or stay at Patrick’s house for their child’s lesson. Parents and accompanying siblings will be asked to wait in a separate room as to not distract the student or the teacher during their lesson. Free Wi-fi is available for parents and siblings who choose to stay at Patrick’s home.

At Home Instrument Expectations for Piano Students

At home, students should have a suitable instrument to practice on. This generally consists of an acoustic piano which holds a tuning, and is fully functioning. A keyboard with 88 weighted keys and a sustain pedal is also an acceptable instrument.

If the student's practice instrument does not meet these standards the parents will be encouraged to upgrade within the first year of lessons. After 1 year the student will be required to have a suitable instrument or lessons will be suspended as students can not progress without a suitable instrument to practice on. For comparison, How could a student be required to hand write a 5 page paper with an unsharpened pencil, or one which only boasts an eraser? A suitable tool is necessary for the proper growth in any area. The teacher is more than willing to help the family pick a suitable instrument, should the need arise.

At Home Instrument Expectations for Voice Students

Voice students will be expected to have access to a keyboard instrument for playing pitches. This keyboard can be either a physical keyboard, or access to a keyboard app on a phone or tablet. Students will be taught the basics of note reading and pitch playing during their lessons so that they may practice efficiently at home.

At Home Student Expectations

Weekly practice logs are to be kept by each student inside their assignment journal. These logs will indicate the days and amount of time the student practiced each week.

Students are expected to practice at least 5 out of 7 days and to stay in line with their demonstrated skills and abilities. Those students who do not practice or demonstrate at their level will be evaluated by the teacher with the possibility of being put on a break from the studio. Practicing is not simply a form of necessity to learn, but also to enjoy the piano lesson experience. Well practiced students come to their lessons well prepared and excited to learn more. Good practicing gives students the opportunity to expand beyond their lesson materials and learn songs they enjoy playing in classical, pop, cinema, or musical theatre repertoire. Students who lack in practicing come to their lessons nervous and grow frustrated by being unable to meet expectations. This can quickly lead to a decline in piano interest and even to a complete distaste in playing music.

At Home Parent Expectations

Parents should be prepared to help beginning students learn good practice habits. This includes encouraging them to practice at least 5 out of every 7 days, and for making sure they practice lesson materials and not just play around on the piano or sings songs on the radio. Parents of young students - Especially, but not limited to Music for Little Mozarts- should expect to sit with their student 10 minutes a day to help them practice. Helping your student should be led through explanations and examples, never by playing “follow the leader” and having them mimic your playing. This ensures that students are able to learn as they grow and not just become efficient in the art of copying.

General Lesson Schedule

Lessons are taught weekly throughout the year. Planned breaks include:

  • a 3 week break for Christmas (1 week before, through 1 week after Christmas)
  • the Tuesday before through the Monday after Easter
  • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving
  • the 4th of July; lessons will be rescheduled from the 4th to a different day that week due to taking one day, not one week of break.
  • Any other cancellations will be notified to the parents in advanced for adequate planning time.

 My Music Staff- Parent/Student Website

The My Music Staff Website is the backbone of the business portion of Patrick Marchant's Music Studio. When you register your student(s) and they become active in the studio, you will receive log in information for My Music Staff accessible at once inside your account you will be able to see upcoming lessons, add your lesson schedule to your personal calendar, see previous studio announcements and emails, as well as see your invoice history. My Music Staff will also send you lesson reminders on the day of your lesson and securely handles all billing.


II. Information on Cancellation and Rescheduling

Cancellation Policy

Because lessons are charged on a flat rate basis, there is no cancellation policy in place. You may cancel lessons as needed, but will only receive up to 3 make-up credits per calendar year. Cancellation due to illness will be credited in make-up credits- See Illness Policy below.

Lesson Reschedule Policy

Patrick is more than happy to reschedule private lessons as long as time permits in the teaching schedule. Lessons should be rescheduled with at least a 24 hour notice, lessons rescheduled with less than a 24 hour notice will incur a $5 fee.

Communication on cancellations or rescheduling requests can be made online through the website app, through email, or through text messages. Regardless of the communication format, the timelines remain the same.

Missed Lesson Policy

Missed lessons will also be charged for as if they were attended and will not be rescheduled. Late students will not receive an extension from their allotted time period, nor will they receive credit for the portion of the lesson they missed. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, they will forfeit their lesson for that week. Students who habitually show up 5 or more minutes late to their lessons may be asked to leave the studio.

Inclement Weather Policy

Safety is the number one concern during the winter storm season. Parents of private lesson students will always have the option to cancel their student’s lesson due to inclement weather even when they are not cancelled by the studio.

Group classes & private lessons will be cancelled according to your school district. If the district is closed the day of lessons, the lessons will be cancelled that evening. In the event of a late afternoon or evening storm, an effort will be made to actively cancel classes.

Any updates regarding cancellations will be emailed and texted to the parents, it will also be posted in the news area of the My Music Staff website.

Illness Policy

Each calendar year students will be granted up to 3 lessons which may be canceled the day of their lesson due to illness and still receive a make up credit. After this, if the student should fall ill, except in extreme medical cases, lessons will be charged for but will not be taught to ill students.

An ill student is any student who shows signs of illness beyond a common cold.

Any student who shows up for a private or group lesson with an illness will be sent home.

Students who arrive for a lesson feeling flu like symptoms, who have a family member with the flu, or are within 48 hours of having the flu will be sent home and will lose all accrued make-up credits.

This policy is in place to protect the other students in the studio, your students can come to lessons with confidence knowing they are in a clean environment.


III. Information on Performance Opportunities

Two recitals will be presented each year; one Christmas recital, and one Spring Recital.

Students will be prepared for Solo & Ensemble as it is offered by their school systems.

Other performance opportunities may be extended to students such as competitions and public performances as they are available to the studio.


IV. Information on Communication:

Active communication is encouraged between parents and the teacher through email, text messaging, and phone calls. If students have any questions during the week they too may feel free to contact the teacher with their concerns. Contact information is provided on the top of each invoice the parents receive from the studio. Text messaging and email are the fastest way to share information, phone calls can take longer to respond due to variation in scheduling.


I. Fees
Private Lessons: 

Private Lessons are charged on a monthly flat-rate basis of $75/month this rate has taken into account the yearly planned studio vacations (Christmas, Easter, and others) along with room for personal family vacations. Teacher absences will be credited to your account through one make up credit per missed lesson that will be available for use outside of your normal lesson time.

Book Fees:

Books and other lesson materials (up to $25 per student without pre-approval) will be purchased by the teacher and billed to the student’s account as needed. Students with siblings in similar levels will not be able to share books, and will generally be placed in separate courses to deflect conflict that may arise as they progress. Students with older siblings may be allowed to use their previous books as long as the books have not been written in extensively, or have workbook pages that were written on. This will be up to the teacher’s discretion on a case by case basis.

On average, families spend approximately $30-50 per student each year on lesson materials. Costs vary depending on the level of the student. Students who wish to purchase their own extra books or materials are encouraged to purchase from their local music store.

II. Billing

Credit Card Information: 

Lessons are charged for the upcoming month on the first of each month. During the registration process you will be asked to submit your credit/debit card information. Your information will be stored securely and is not available for anyone to view except under your own personal account. The credit card billing is handled through the My Music Staff website and Stripe Processing; your information is not available to Patrick Marchant's Music Studio. On the first of each month your card will automatically be charged for monthly tuition and any book fees that may be on the account. You may log in to your My Music Staff account at any time to see your current balance and what your upcoming charges will be.

Late Payments: 

In the event that a credit card payment should fail to pull automatically you will be notified and will have 7 days to remit payment without penalty. After 7 days, a $25 late fee will automatically be added to your account.

Registration Deposit: 

When registering for Patrick Marchant's Music Studio you will be charged $25 to verify card information. This is not a separate fee and will be credited to your account and reflected on your first invoice as a payment of $25.