Accompanying & Voice Lessons

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Accompanying, Vocal Coaching, & Voice Lessons

Patrick Marchant's Music Studio offer two types of vocal training; Short-term Vocal Coaching and Long-term Voice Lessons. Vocal Coaching is great for singers looking to audition for an upcoming event, or performers that have a specific one or two song goal in mind. Voice Lessons are for students who are looking to improve their vocal technique &  skills through weekly lessons.


Patrick holds a Bachelor of Music in Collaborative Piano Performance and has done accompanying for individuals, schools, churches, and theatres throughout the Northeastern Wisconsin Area. Some of his experiences include: Middle School & High School Solo & Ensemble Accompanying, Middle School & High School Choral Accompanying, Collegiate Vocal Student, Voice Class, and Choral Accompanying. Opera Workshops, Musical Theatres, and Several Denominations of Church Soloists, Choirs, and Congregations.

Please Contact Patrick for Accompanying Rates

Vocal Coaching

In addition to accompanying, Patrick has studied vocal technique and pedagogy. The goal of vocal coaching is to prepare a singer for a specific event- an audition for choir, musicals, show choir; solo & ensemble; family weddings; or any other one time event. Patrick's experiences in Vocal Coaching range from middle school musical theatre, high school musical theatre and Solo & Ensemble preparation, coaching for college entrance auditions, and even coaching for Broadway auditions. Samples of students he has worked with can be shared upon request.

Vocal Coaching with Accompanying is $30/hour

Voice Lessons

As part of his degree in Collaborative Piano Performance, Patrick has studied vocal technique and pedagogy. Voice lessons are for students who want weekly lessons to improve their vocal technique and skills. Students who are freshmen in high school and older (whose voices have changed) will be offered lessons with a focus on technique and skills. Younger students will be introduced to new music with a focus on singing, as guided singing is the best thing for their developing voices.

Voice lessons are taught under the $75/month tuition